Our Sites

mabujo owned

mabujo Sports Network

A network of sports news sites.

Musical Equipment

A database of types  of musical equipment and the bands who have used them.

Built on wordpress, with heavy use of the new custom taxonomies feature and custom code.

Twitter My Site

A quick and simple idea for a site that has grown immensely and crashed a server or two in its time, now serving up several million impressions per month.

This site allows site owners to create twitter buttons for their site or blog.

The user can choose from a number of different button designs, select their twitter account to link to and add a message of their own to the button.

mabujo designed


The official site of the musician ‘ouistiti’.

The site features a clean custom wordpress theme that showcases the music of ouistiti and provides a blog. Pages were created for albums and songs, and a semi-custom flash player was created for streaming music.