Yonda theme v1.1 and other Hotaru news

I’ve recently updated the Yonda Hotaru Theme with a new version, which contains fixes to make the theme compatible with newer Hotaru CMS versions released since I originally made the theme, and a number of style fixes for padding on user pages.
I will be updating the Isis Hotaru Theme with similar compatibility fixes soon, and will be adding some more fixes for commenting in a later version of Yonda.

I’m also really pleased to have become a team member for Hotaru CMS, and the CMS itself reached version 1.4.0 in the last few days. Since joining the Hotaru team I’ve been doing some work on making the CMS more visible in developer and webmaster sites on the web and am pleased that I have managed to get Hotaru CMS added to the new HostGator QuickInstall platform. If you are using HostGator as your hosting provider, you can now install and update Hotaru with only a couple of clicks.

I’ve also been building a new site for Hotaru Themes, this site will become the new home for my Hotaru themes and I hope to be producing many new free and premium themes for your existing sites.

2 Responses to “Yonda theme v1.1 and other Hotaru news”

  1. Mike says:

    I see you still have pligg sites. Can you compare now that you’ve been using both for an extended amount of time?

    Btw your about page in this blog is still default :)

  2. john says:

    Mike, I still have a couple of pligg sites yes. To be honest they are just 2 of my sites that get the least traffic and therefore attention from me. I haven’t been keeping track on any latest news on pligg but when I moved over Hotaru was superior in just about every way…

    Should do something about that about page someday :D

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